View on GitHub Published at May 10, 2020, 08:46 GMT+0

I built `solar-beam` back then in order to create an animation of sunrise and sunset. However, at the end I didn’t manage to do it. I only managed to do the “calculator”… as the animation part was very tricky, considering screen sizes and all that. This package was built by following the calculations from Solar Calculation Details from Global Monitoring Laboratory.

This package is ESM only, so it can’t be imported using `require` in Node.

import { getSunsetDate } from 'solar-beam';
// Sat May 09 2020 17:44:56 GMT+0700 (Western Indonesia Time)
date: new Date(2020, 4, 9),
latitude: -6.2,
longitude: 106.816666,
tzOffset: -420

We can confirm this result in Although the website doesn’t show the second unit, but the minute is the same (the 44th).