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`bekind` was a project that I created to show my support for Granit Xhaka, an Arsenal player who was abused by the Arsenal fans. Although he kept playing for The Gunners who at that time were under Unai Emery weeks in and out, his captain armband made him an easy scapegoat because of his often rash decision makings on the field.

One time, when he got substituted in a Premier League match against Crystal Palace (the score was 2-2 at that time), he got booed by the fans inside the stadium because he was walking slowly. The fans were expecting him to walk faster because by doing so, Arsenal would have more time to get the winning goal. The nerves got into him and he cupped his ear towards the fans, before putting off his Arsenal shirt and walking directly into the tunnel instead of to the Arsenal bench.

This project was made using Vue and deployed in Netlify. Along with Vue, this project also uses combination of CSS transitions, `iframe`s, and SVG clips. The `iframe`s were used because the images were under a copyright and they were only free to use if they were shared using the `iframe` tags.