I am a frontend engineer who specializes in React and Node.js®. I eat TypeScript for breakfast, although I am still allergic to complex generic types. Below are my primary technical skills:

  • HTML/CSS: SASS, CSS-in-JS, and utility-first CSS libs (e.g. Tailwind)
  • Javascript/TypeScript: 5+ years of React and Node.js® (2+ years TypeScript)
  • Web frameworks: CRA, Next.js, Storybook, Remix
  • Modern bundlers: Webpack, esbuild, Vite, Parcel
  • Testing tools: Jest/mocha, React Testing Library, Cypress
  • Git, CI/CD, Unix-like scripting, a11y, and static site generators (e.g. Astro)

Aside from the things listed above, I also have some knowledge regarding Docker, Kubernetes, Envoy, nginx, SQL, NoSQL, Golang, Python, PHP, and Google Analytics. Here are some of the things that I want to learn (or learn further) in 2022:

  • Compiled language: I realize that I am a bit crippled when it comes to a compiled language because my knowledge revolves around JavaScript, but hopefully that's going to change this year! I think I will be learning Golang more.
  • Web frameworks: I would like to deep-dive more into Next.js, Storybook, and Remix. I have been a bit out of touch with Next.js best practices, as well as the latest add-ons from Storybook. As for Remix, well, I only tried it once in late January, so I haven't really given it a proper deep-dive.
  • Modern bundlers: I have been living and breathing with Webpack since 2016. I did use esbuild in count-up-down, although it was just for building a library. I would like to learn more to Vite and Parcel—Vite especially, because I want to try a bundler that doesn't depend on Babel.
  • Mindfulness: In 2012, I lived apart from my parents as I went to college in Bandung. During my journey there, I realized that I was a "fake" at home. I realized that I had a lot of feelings that I buried deep beneath me, making me an incomplete person... which resulted me in sometimes hurting myself (physically) or others (emotionally). I did a lot better now after a lot of therapy sessions and it has been a while since my last panic attack, but I am still going to practice more mindfulness!